Problemi e prospettive del sistema bancario in Italia (video)

Video del mio intervento al convegno “La tutela del risparmio e le prospettive del sistema bancario in Italia – In memoria di Renzo Soatto”, svoltosi a Padova il 25 Febbraio 2017.

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  1. Luis, I’ve been following your articles, and now this video, since your recent appearance on Econ Talk. As an Italian-American dual citizen living here in Italy, I’ve found your coverage of Italian economic issues utmost refreshing. This video presentation actually seems to offer both the hidden information as well as the approach we Italians need to take on once and for all the actual problems plaguing our national financial institutions. Thank you for your work. Imagine–as you force us to–that our leadership might both admit we’ve been wrong and also ask for help! Then, as you suggest, we endeavor to truly follow through in good faith! Together these steps could be more meaningful to the future of this nation and its people than any other act in modern history. And resolving this Italian moral crisis of inaction justly may emerge as the single most important moment for a nation to finally pull itself out from under the political-economic-graft system to which to have willingly subdued generation after generation. It’s time. And the opportunity is in front of us. The next generation of Italian leadership is primed to move into action and yet they need our civic institutional leadership to put its faith in them and finally let go of the past, and their manners of doing the nation’s business.

    "Mi piace"

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