Why I invited Mr. Bannon at Chicago Booth to debate the issues of immigration and globalization

As a university our primary mission is to form new citizens of the world. As a business school our primary mission is to form new business leaders of the world. I can hardly think of a more important issue for new citizens and business leaders of the world than the backlash against globalization and immigration that is taking place not just in America, but in all the Western World. At the University of Chicago, we have some of the best economic minds of the planet. It is our civic duty to engage them in finding the causes of this backlash and in trying to address them. Whether you agree with him or not (and I personally do not), Mr. Bannon has come to interpret and represent this backlash in America. For this reason, I invited Mr. Bannon to a debate on these issues with our faculty. I firmly believe that the current problems in America cannot be solved by demonizing who think differently, but by addressing the causes of their dissatisfaction. Hate cannot be defeated by hate, but only by reason.

Populist Plutocrats: Lessons From Around the World

Ecco il video completo della conferenza “Populist Plutocrats: Lessons From Around the World” organizzata lo scorso 23 Settembre dall’ Harvard Law School e dallo Stigler Center che dirigo presso la Chicago Booth School of Business.  La conferenza ha analizzato un fenomeno oggi quanto mai importante e pericoloso: il “populist plutocrat”. Per “populist plutocrat” si intende un leader che sfrutta la rabbia e le proteste degli elettori più poveri e meno istruiti contro le élite tradizionali, al fine di ottenere e mantenere il potere. Quindi, una volta in carica, sembra più che altro interessato ad arricchirsi, insieme a una cerchia relativamente ristretta di familiari, amici e alleati.

Here’s the video of the one-day conference, co-sponsored by Harvard Law School and the Stigler Center, that focused on an important and dangerous political phenomenon: the “populist plutocrat.” The populist plutocrat is a leader who exploits the cultural and economic grievances of poorer, less-educated voters against traditional elites in order to achieve and retain power, but who, once in office, seem substantially or primarily interested in enriching him- or herself, along with a relatively small circle of family members, cronies, and allies.

The Rising of Crony Capitalism in America (video)

Video of my lecture at the Eitan Berglas School of Economics, Tel Aviv University (TAU), March 19, 2017. The topic was: “The Rising of Crony Capitalism in America”.